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In the better late than never department, I finally got with the program and signed myself up for an Instagram account. If you’re into that sort of thing and want to link up, you can find me here. “Social, social, let’s be social.”

HLRS Annual Report 2018

At work, I recently completed publication of the 2018 annual report for the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart. As editor I did the majority of the conception, writing and editing, though was grateful for valuable contributions from my colleagues. The 72-page document is written for nonspecialists and surveys highlights from around HLRS over the previous year. Read the Annual Report (links to HLRS) >


Schatten-Licht was an exhibition of objects and paintings by Uschi Lux, accompanied by a site specific sound installation by Chris Williams. The installation was shown in the World War II-era bunker beneath the Martinskirche in Stuttgart, Germany from May 24 – June 8, 2019. Continue reading

Who’s The Dummy?


I will be taking part in the generate!_lab festival in Tübingen, Germany on November 10, 2018. You’re invited! (Scroll for full description.)

“Who’s the Dummy?”
A multimedia installation about puppets and propaganda

in cooperation with the
generate!_lab Festival for Electronic Arts 2018

10. November | 6:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Artist Talk by Chris Williams | 7:30 PM

ITZ im Zimmertheater Tübingen
Bursagasse 16

Continue reading

If / When: “Pigments”



On Saturday, October 14, I will be debuting a new solo alias called If/When and present an installation and live sound performance called “Pigments” at the Kunstraum 34 in Stuttgart. The event is taking place in coordination with a city-wide cultural event called Stuttgartnacht and as part of the finissage for artist Anabella Spielmannleitner‘s show Whiteout. Details and a description of the project follow. Continue reading

Recent Writing for the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS)

In April I started a new job as a science writer and editor at the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS), a core facility of the University of Stuttgart and a member of the Gauss Center for Supercomputing. HLRS is the home of Hazel Hen, the fastest supercomputer in Germany, conducts its own research focusing on issues related to high-performance computing, and supports academic and industrial researchers, with emphases on simulation, data analytics, and visualization, among others. Here are a few of my first pieces of writing about some work underway there.

> Hazel Hen’s Millionth Compute Job
> HLRS Focuses on Sustainability in Supercomputing
> Hazel Hen Helps Explain Ultrafast Phase Transition

Sick Passengers Now on Bandcamp


On this night 13 years ago I was at the Trash Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, celebrating the release of Your Words, Bought and Sold, the only proper CD that my big, loud rock band at the time, The Sick Passengers, ever finished. This was long before “digital albums” came along, and so we never got around to updating it for the streaming age. Today seems like a fitting occasion to change that. I’d like to invite you all to check out our new Bandcamp page, which offers free downloads of “Your Words,” our early demo (If You Are Not Well, You Will Not Be Left Alone), and a new compilation of live versions — imperfect as they may be — of lost songs we never recorded in the studio, called Cut Outs. For old friends who came to the shows, hopefully this will bring back some good memories. For newer friends, I’m glad to finally be able to share these songs with you — an awful lot of them still make me smile uncontrollably.

Glass Bees Presentation at Salon 34


Members of the Stuttgarter Kollektiv für Aktuelle Musik (S-K-A-M) recently started a monthly meeting at the Kunstraum Filderstrasse called Salon 34 to foster dialogue and collaboration among members of the local artistic community. So far, it has been a very friendly and informal series of events that have offered a chance to hear about some very diverse artistic work, spanning many disciplines. On June 12 I introduced myself with a 40-minute presentation about the Glass Bees, focusing on the evolution of the project from a studio improvisation duo into a platform for more conceptual multimedia performances and installations. Thanks, Karmin Shim, for following with an interesting presentation on the Borneo Art Collective (and for the photo!) and to the S-K-A-M team for organizing this series. I’ll be looking forward to hearing what others around here are up to in the coming months.